Tread Global is a product innovation development company that is leading the global industry for compliant Child-Resistant (CR) containers and packaging.

With three separate yet focused entities we offer design, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, fulfillment, and logistics for shipping. Our full-service capabilities ensure you have the highest quality innovation in products, factory direct pricing and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, and the most attentive customer service in the industry.

We are behind the innovative and globally successful brand CR Collective, which creates CR products for cannabis, CBD and pharma. We are experts in our field and offer fully compliant CR certified products in glass, recycled and recyclable plastic, bio-composites, metal and paper.

In addition, we have tested over 1000 child-resistant products by our independent facility for child-resistance and senior compliance, and have certified hundreds of products that are in the market today.

Whether custom, semi-custom or stock sourced, Tread Global is your trusted choice for all your global CR needs.




Tread Global believes in a sustainable future.

We believe in making high quality, innovative products that work, use less energy to create, and in using only the best materials necessary to create superior products.

We believe in making things last longer by using sustainable materials.

We believe in taking less and giving more. 

Our business is packaging, but we are focused on protecting children, for they are our future. We also believe in the cycle of life, understanding that packages and containers need to be well designed for seniors who have issues with cognition and strength. 

We are committed to leading the industry and creating a sustainable business that is generational in thought and practice, because everything we do today matters for tomorrow.