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- Product Development – Industrial Designers and Engineering Options

Consumer Product Safety Testing  - Including CFR Title 16, Part 1700 for Child Resistant Packaging

- Material / Product Sourcing - Cost Competitiveness and Ongoing Cost Reduction

Patent Attorneys - Intellectual Property Protection

- Manufacturing – Ethical, Creditable Factories with a Track Record of Success

- Laboratory Testing –  Read More at Product Testing Page

- Quality Control – Detailed Production Monitoring

- Customs Brokerage – Regulatory Hurdles and Entry

- International Legal Team – Jurisdictional Law firms to assist with contracts and Intellectual Property

- Shipping Logistics – Door-to-door Delivery with centralized fulfillment options in the U.S.

With a network stretching through Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and China, Tread Global has a broad range of product sourcing and procurement options to directly offer you advantages in the market. Whether its your own brand of inventive ideas or existing products, Tread Global's strategic partners will allow you to be competitive and stay competitive.

​Our streamlined product development cycle brings your products to market sooner.  "This is our Job, our Passion our Mission."
We look forward to a Confidential Consultation about your project. Lets get started!
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