Serving federal, state and local government entities; large hospital groups; and private organizations.

We have greatly increased manufacturing to assist in the COVID-19 crisis.

Contact for weekly equipment inventory, MOQ and timing of shipments through private air freight.


Since 2009 Tread Global has specialized in mass product manufacturing with offices in Denver, Colorado, USA; Toronto, ON, Canada; and Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.  We lead and coordinate large-scale custom manufacturing and global product assembly, logistics and shipping. Our capabilities include design, engineering, auditing, creating native language contracts, and conducting quality control inspections.  Key leadership includes: Jeremy Buck, Founder; (USA) Benjamin Ray, Chief Strategy Officer, (USA) and Victor Zhang, Project Manager (China).

Along with multiple strategic partners who serve healthcare and government organizations, we were tasked with manufacturing, sourcing, transporting, warehousing and delivering PPE solutions to the US and Canada.  All products we produce / source meet all FDA / CE requirements, and come with specific verifiable certification documentation.

We handle all shipping and logistics. With employees directly on the ground in China, we are factory direct, and are neither speculators nor brokers.

We are manufacturing to assist in the COVID-19 crisis. The availability and pricing changes on a weekly basis due to rapidly increasing global demand of raw materials.  We have reduced margin considerably to get through this crisis.  We are here to help.


Tread Global offers design, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, fulfillment, and logistics for shipping. Our full-service capabilities ensure you have the highest quality innovation in products, factory direct pricing and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, and the most attentive customer service in the industry.

By working directly with the manufacturer and eliminating many of the costs in the supply chain, we can dramatically reduce your cost, while at the same time provide comprehensive and superior service.

Our streamlined product development cycle brings your products to market sooner. Your intellectual property is yours, and yours alone. We ensure the confidentiality required to work in a global space. We have protections in place both here and abroad. When we enter into a relationship with a factory, we demand nothing less than absolute integrity.

From product prototyping test molds to durable volume form production molds, our experienced engineering team and facility resources provide the highest standards of precision and excellence at some of the best prices in the world.  As the operator of an injection mold facility, we know that many potential customers would like to manufacture their products in the USA, but the exorbitant cost of tooling can be an insurmountable obstacle. Our overseas tooling is designed and engineered exactly to your specifications without any sacrifice to quality, and costs up to 75% less than domestic molds.