Creating a product takes more than just an idea. It also requires a strong understanding of the various materials, processes and logistical considerations that go into making a solid, and profitable product.

We have a single goal with each and every product–helping you get your product to market.  Whether we are starting with a sketch on a napkin, or if your CAD Files and are ready for production, our team can help. We have the experience and know-how needed to design for successful manufacturing, and have successfully brought hundreds of products to market.

For custom work, we’ll produce initial ideas with our in-house industrial designers, the 3D printed prototypes, engineering files, and cost estimates to manufacture your product. The files are yours, we take the job of protecting your  intellectual property very seriously. The prototypes are yours, you can use prototypes for many purposes, not the least of which might be marketing your ideas.

Costs for manufacturing can vary depending on whether molds and tooling are required, materials, assembly, packaging, volume, and other factors. Our relationships with factories worldwide give you great buying power, but also the quality and consistency that are vital to the success of any project. Always know, higher volumes mean larger manufacturing batches, and ultimately lower costs.

Do you have an amazing idea that you want to bring to market but don't know where to start? Let us help you turn your dreams into reality.
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Are you a company that sells cannabis packaging to the public? Do you need child-resistant, sustainably designed and innovative primary packaging options that are tested and regulatory compliant in Canada and the US?
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