Design and Developement


Creating a product takes more than just an idea. It also requires a strong understanding of the various materials, processes and logistical considerations that go into making a solid — and profitable — product. Tread Global can manage this process and ensure that loose ends are tied up.

We are a company of inventors, for inventors. We have a single goal with each and every product- Let’s Get It to Market. So many ideas fall short of this goal, we see it every day. Whether we are starting with a sketch on a napkin, or if you have CAD Files and are ready to roll, our team can help. We have successfully designed hundreds of products, and we can help with yours.

We will design in conjunction with our factories, keeping in mind that not every design is functional. Current projects include custom glass jars, Internet of Things projects, electronics, shoes, plastics, countertop appliances and holiday displays.

There are many factors that must go into any new product design. Functionality, reliability, durability, and cost effectiveness just to name a few. We have the experience needed to design for manufacturing. Not every design can be produced. Whether we create a design from the start, or help you fine tune your existing work, we will always look for the small problems that will slow down production. Efficiency is key.

We’ll produce the CAD files and prototypes necessary to move toward the next step, which is estimating the costs to manufacture your product. The files are yours, we take the job of protecting your intellectual property very seriously. The prototypes are yours, you can use prototypes for many purposes, not the least of which might be marketing your ideas.

Manufacturing is next. Costs are dependent on whether molds and tooling are required, materials, assembly, packaging, volume, and more. Our relationships with factories worldwide will give you great buying power, but also the quality and consistency that are vital to the success of any project. Always know, the more you sell means larger manufacturing batches, and ultimately lower costs for manufacturing. More profits!

Give our team a call, let’s brainstorm. The process is creative, but a disciplined approach is key. We can help iron out inevitable problems along the way, never losing sight of the ultimate goal, selling your product.