Our specialty is mass product manufacturing. We have the team in place, we have the experience, and we have world-class factories at our disposal. Tread Global will find the factories to produce your products, audit those factories, offer native language contracts, and quality control inspections throughout the manufacturing process. We’ll also coordinate custom packaging and product assembly. Our ability to manage this complex process makes us different than most development companies, we manage your production so that you can manage your business. Our unique business model allows us to manufacture a very wide array of products, from games, to containers, to clothing, electronics, LED fixtures, and much more.

With a network stretching through Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and China, Tread Global has a broad range of product sourcing and procurement options to directly offer you advantages in the market. Whether its your own brand of inventive ideas or existing products, Tread Global’s strategic partners will allow you to be competitive and stay competitive.

​Our streamlined product development cycle brings your products to market sooner. “This is our Job, our Passion our Mission.”

Your intellectual property is yours, and yours alone. We will ensure the confidentiality required to work in a global space. We have protections in place both here and abroad. When we enter into a relationship with a factory, we demand nothing less than absolute integrity.

We will estimate all costs for your project. We can help with design if you need, prototypes, tooling and molds, factory samples, assembly, packaging, and ultimately delivery to your center, customs and all, on a per piece basis. Cut and dry.