Product Testing

Product Design Testing and Certification

tread1Federal law requires manufacturers and importers to test and certify many consumer product designs for compliance with consumer product safety requirements.Tread Global performs various testing services for a wide range of consumer products. Whether you need general quality control inspections or compliance testing for agencies such as the International Standards Organization (ISO), Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). We specialize in child related safety testing, such as Child Resistant Containers subject to the United States Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700, for Poison Preventive Packaging.

Child Resistant Packaging Testing

Child Resistant Packaging Testing and Certification

tread1A manufacturer must conduct test evaluations subject to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700, for Poison Preventive Packaging. This protocol requires a controlled test of samples from senior adults 50-70 years old and children between the ages of 42 months and 51 months.


 Dr. Reddy’s to pay out $5M to settle federal lawsuit over child safety packaging

Preliminary Study

tread1Tread Global will provide a unique preliminary feasibility study that employs industry professionals in the field of Geriatric / Senior Care and Childhood Development. These professionals will initially evaluate your packaging by presenting it to the targeted age groups, with the objective of assessing the motor skills and cognitive ability required to open the package.

This preliminary study is not controlled subject to the CFR Title 16,  Part 1700  testing protocol, nor will any participants in this preliminary study be used in the official Federal test. The purpose of this preliminary testing is to offer the client initial analysis for a strategic approach for the administration of the CFR Title 16, Part 1700 testing.


tread1Tread Global Inc has efficient procedures to streamline testing, providing quick turnaround and competitive pricing. A non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is required to initiate the preliminary study. Should the client choose to move forward with the administration of the CFR Title 16, Part 1700 minimum testing of 150 participants, $5,995.00 will be due to initiate. Should the client choose, further testing will be administered at a charge of $1,800 per 50 participants.


Tread Global – Not Your Average Testing Facility

 tread1With Certification requirements from CPSC, your packaging must have reliable analysis and reporting that you can stand behind. As well as employing industry experts to strengthen the conclusion of your test report, Tread Global is a participating member of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and a participating collaborator with the CPSC. Tread Global plays an integral role in Consumer Product Safety for the Federal Government. We are not just a testing facility but a full service product development firm who can participate with further product design improvements, engineering, overseas mass production and logistics. When working with Tread Global you are working with product development experts who will provide not just constructive product feedback but the most credible analysis and reporting available.

Pricing and estimated completion time are subject to change depending on the scope of work and extent of testing. Our fee is based on the administration and reporting of the test and is not contingent on “passing” results. The client is required to provide all necessary packaging for the administration of testing. Three to five weeks will be necessary for testing and final reporting.