Product Sourcing, Design & Prototyping

Mass Manufacturing

We Supply the Suppliers Our specialty is mass product manufacturing. We have the team in place, we have the experience, and we have world-class factories at our disposal. Tread Global will find the factories to produce your products, audit those factories, offer native language contracts, and quality control inspections throughout the manufacturing process. We’ll also … Continue reading Mass Manufacturing

Design and Development

Product Design Manufacturing Creating a product takes more than just an idea. It also requires a strong understanding of the various materials, processes and logistical considerations that go into making a solid — and profitable — product. Tread Global can manage this process and ensure that loose ends are tied up. We are a company … Continue reading Design and Development


Product Prototyping Okay, you have a design, now you need to see that design come to life. We have the ability in-house to produce 3D prints of various medium and size. Sometimes, that’s not enough. We will produce an example of your product, ready to show, ready to assist you in selling to that boutique, … Continue reading Prototyping

International Product Sourcing

Whether your business is looking for specialty packaging, consumables, machinery or raw materials, we have a strong and proven network that allows us to locate and procure exactly what you need. We will find and audit the appropriate factories ensuring that you receive the quality and consistency that you expect, bulk orders are our specialty. … Continue reading International Product Sourcing

Mold Making

Affordable Overseas Tooling and Production Molds     As the operator of an injection mold facility, you know that many potential customers would like to manufacture their products in the USA, but the exorbitant cost of tooling can be an insurmountable obstacle.   Overseas tooling is designed and engineered exactly to your specifications without any … Continue reading Mold Making

Inventor Support

  We know it, we’ve done it, we’re inventors ourselves Quite some time ago we started like many inventors do. Ideas turned to models that turned into a viable product. We went to manufacture, and made as many mistakes as might be possible. We followed hunches, lost money, went through poor facilities, and finally decided … Continue reading Inventor Support

Overseas Legal & QC

Legal & Quality Assurance for Mass Manufacturing At Tread Global, we have the resources to take the headache out of dealing with China for mass manufacturing. Whether you have run into a problem and now are in dire need of help, or you are trying to head off that possibility before it occurs, we can … Continue reading Overseas Legal & QC

Shipping, Customs and Logistics

Customs and Logistics

Product Shipping by Air, Land and Sea We oversee the shipping, customs brokerage, and logistics that will deliver your finished goods to your door, all at world class pricing. A project of this scope requires a lot of moving pieces to work properly — and in unison. Without a clear plan, shipping and logistics can … Continue reading Customs and Logistics