CR Pricing

Tread Global Inc has efficient procedures to streamline testing, providing quick turnaround and competitive pricing. A non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is required to initiate a preliminary study, though many packages don’t require this. Some clients request an initial study, many times we will recommend it. We won’t run a full test for packaging if we believe it will fail. Should the client choose to move forward with the administration of the CFR Title 16, Part 1700 minimum testing of 150 participants, the entire balance will be due to initiate.

The certification costs $7,995 for single use packaging, and $8,995 for multiple use or re-securing packaging. Should the client choose, or if needed to continue a panel, further testing will be administered at a charge of $1,800 per 50 participants. All payments are required upfront. Call us for pricing if you need Canadian, European, or ISO standards testing.