International Product Sourcing

This is our Job, our Passion our Mission

Whether your business is looking for specialty packaging, consumables, machinery or raw materials, we have a strong and proven network that allows us to locate and procure exactly what you need. We will find and audit the appropriate factories ensuring that you receive the quality and consistency that you expect, bulk orders are our specialty. Tread Global specializes in helping clients bring products to market quickly and successfully. It is our passion and our company’s primary mission.

With a network stretching through Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and China, Tread Global has a broad range of product sourcing and procurement options to directly offer you advantages in the market. Whether it’s your own brand of inventive ideas, or existing products, Tread Global’s strategic partners will allow you to be competitive and stay competitive.

Here are just a few examples of our current projects:

  • Bags and wrappers for candy and food
  • Aluminum pans for baking
  • Bulk fertilizers and soil additives
  • Injection molded products, large and small
  • Garbage bags and dog waste bags
  • Packaging, storage, accessories, and machinery for the cannabis industry
  • Custom glass and plastics projects
  • Clothing, boots and shoes, and safety products for heavy industry
  • Bulk foods, dried vegetables and more
  • Hemp and hemp products
  • Toys, games, and gadgets
  • Electronics, appliances and machinery
  • LED components and finished goods
  • Bulk landscape and construction supplies
  • Cleaning supplies and bulk chemicals

Whatever you use most, we’d like an opportunity to save you money. Branded, inspected, and delivered. ​We have the unique advantage of an overseas office. Our colleagues will help to fine tune any sourcing project we take on. We will audit the suppliers, ensuring that any partner is reliable, ethical and stable. We’ll take care of the shipping, US Customs brokerage, logistics and all. Allow us to manage these projects, freeing up valuable employee time and effort for you.

Our streamlined process will bring your products to market sooner. We are experts in global product sourcing, and we will deliver quality and consistency every time.