Inventor Support

We know it, we’ve done it, we’re inventors ourselves

Quite some time ago we started like many inventors do. Ideas turned to models that turned into a viable product. We went to manufacture, and made as many mistakes as might be possible. We followed hunches, lost money, went through poor facilities, and finally decided to get it right.

Tread Global was born, and our singular mission is to help folks avoid the pitfalls and Product Engineering speed bumps that lay in wait for all of us trying to get our ideas onto retail shelves. We have a team of designers and engineers in Denver, and a team in Shanghai, auditors by trade. This allows us the unique ability to find exactly the right factories, suppliers and people to produce most anything.

We are different. We don’t want a percentage of your sales, we do not want your intellectual property, and we do not make promises for your success. We choose instead to help design, develop, and prototype your idea. From there, we are able to reach out to world class factories for manufacturing quotes. We quote your project assembled, packaged, inspected, and shipped to your door. Customs, quality control, everything.

The entire process can seem daunting. Where do I start? What’s next? How will this process play out? We simplify everything. We have a proven process in place to help you, no matter how far along in the process you are. Work smart, work hard, but always work toward your end goal, which is ultimately ‘the market’.